Join us at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 for an inspirational evening of meaningful, real and inspirational conversation with Kelly Grosklags and her special guests, Ron Rudolph from Rudolph’s Bluebird Houses and Christine Friberg from She Climbs Mountains. You won't want to miss it!

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Since its debut in June 2015, each CWK event has given participants hope and healing. Topics include:

•   Transforming Fear Amid the Journey Through Grief

•   Losing, Rediscovering and Holding Hope

•   Making Every Day Count

•   Finding Inner Courage: Living with a Life-changing Illness


Wherever you are on your healing journey, CWK events provide a unique opportunity where you can learn and grow through the experience and wisdom of Kelly and other participants. Hear stories as you make discoveries and insights that can help you create positive personal change.


Each CWK event explores a healing topic, such as:

•   How can I maintain hope in a time of loss?

•   How can I transform my fear?

•   How can I make every moment count?

•   How can I live with a life-changing illness?

•   How do we live until we die?

•   Despite this illness, how can I live with courage?

•   What do people want at the end of their lives?

•   What does it mean to be cured…and how is that different

than being healed?


Kelly believes hope can always be found. Even when people are faced with the words “nothing more can be done” – there actually is.

Conversations With Kelly participant looking at a quote.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


Walking the sacred walk with people experiencing deep human loss, Kelly Grosklags created Conversations with Kelly (CWK) for a powerful purpose: to alleviate suffering.


CWK was born out of Kelly’s childhood encounter with grief, coupled with a life-long passion for building communities of healing. Kelly’s 20+ years as a clinical practitioner has expanded to teaching, writing and now engaging with live audiences through storytelling, dialogue and music.

Today Kelly’s message of hope and healing celebrates the power of coming together, where patients, survivors, friends, family, providers and caregivers unite in an intimate forum dedicated to creating positive change.


CWK gives each participant a comforting opportunity to share and discover ideas and insights about the range of human emotion. Join Kelly for the next Conversation as you invite healing to happen.

I have learned how to live through my many years of

working with people who are dying. The dying teach us how to live.






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If the only prayer you said

was thank you, that would be enough.



When confronted with serious illness like cancer, everything changes. In this beautiful coffee table book, Kelly and Barbara will couple their wisdom of clinical and life experience with stories from patients and caregivers who have transformed fear into hope. Featuring clinical expertise, anecdotes, poetry and artwork, this book will be a resource for patients and providers —offering solace to anyone living with or caring for someone with cancer.


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Kelly Grosklags talking with the audience at Conversations With Kelly.

Surrender isn't giving up, rather surrender is being,

trusting and releasing. Surrender is essential to healing.



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